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Reliance Health is a new platform that offers a complete solution for health facilities and healthcare service providers. It is also a platform where users can access telemedicine services. The company also offers a drug delivery system for patients. They have a network of clinics and treatment facilities in Nigeria and other regions of the world.

telemedicine platform

Reliance Health is a Nigeria-based digital healthcare company that provides affordable health insurance, telemedicine, and prescription delivery services to individuals and businesses in emerging markets. The company was founded by Femi Kuti and Opeyemi Olumekun. They are headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, and Austin, Texas.

Reliance Health began in 2015 as a telemedicine startup, and soon expanded into single-fee health care services. It is now a healthcare provider with two clinics in Nigeria and plans to build more clinics. It offers a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities. Using data science and new innovations, the company has transformed the experience of purchasing and accessing health care. This round will enable the company to scale its product lines and add new partnerships. Moreover, it will allow the company to hire top talent and leverage its investment to expand into new markets.

The company’s revenue has increased 3.5x year-on-year. In addition, the startup has hired a country manager for Egypt and plans to enter two more countries before the end of the year. With its new investment, the company will be able to further expand its platform in emerging markets. Moreover, it will be able to help healthcare in these countries leapfrog to the rest of the world.

drug delivery system

A little more than a year ago, Reliance Health, Inc. a digital health startup located in the heart of Nigeria’s technology capital, announced the first of its kind, a drug delivery system. In a nutshell, the system bundles telemedicine and real world solutions to the challenges of healthcare delivery in an unforgiving continent. The company also enlists the help of local talent to keep the program running smoothly. It has a long term vision to expand its operations into other nations, and it has already hired a country manager for Egypt. Despite its size and relative youth, the company has been making noises and the latest round of funding will no doubt be a big part of the plan.

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Reliance Health is an emerging markets-focused digital healthcare provider based in Lagos, Nigeria. Founded by Opeyemi Olumekun and Matthew Mayaki, the company began operations in 2015, and has since expanded into single-fee healthcare providers. With offices in Austin, Texas and Lagos, Nigeria, the company focuses on providing affordable health insurance plans and telemedicine solutions to leading companies in emerging markets. They provide a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities. The company plans to expand into new markets and scale their product lines.

In January 2020, Reliance Health raised $40 million in Series B funding. This round was led by General Atlantic, and featured participation from M3 Capital, Tencent Exploration, Picus Capital, Arvantis Social Foundation Impact Investment, and P1 Ventures. It also marked General Atlantic’s first technology investment in Africa. As a result of the investment, Reliance Health plans to expand into two or three more countries by the end of the year.

Reliance Health’s app is designed to give customers the power to manage their drug delivery and medical appointments, as well as find and chat with doctors. In addition, the startup offers a wide range of healthcare services, including telemedicine, monthly and yearly health plans, and prescription delivery.

Using innovative technologies, Reliance Health is able to bring healthcare to some of the most underserved markets in the world. By offering health insurance plans, telemedicine solutions, and an integrated approach to healthcare, the startup has helped over 200,000 people in five years.


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