Texture Design Drawing

Texture design is an art form that uses texture to create a visual effect. Texture designs can be used to enhance the look of a drawing. These designs often contain several layers of color and texture. Students are encouraged to experiment with different textures and apply them to their drawings. After creating several textures, students are encouraged to combine them in one final artwork or collage.

The process of creating textures is similar to creating patterns. Both add visual weight to their subjects. For example, if you want to draw hair, you need to draw many marks, both light and dark, close together. The character of the marks will determine the type of texture you create. Using different marks and colours can give you different types of textures.

The first step is to lay your paper on textured paper. You can use tape to hold it vertically. Then, using the side of your drawing tool, make side-to-side strokes across the paper. Make sure not to leave any gaps. Use light pressure so as not to obscure the texture.

After creating the basic shapes, you can add more complicated textures. You can combine several elements to make your work look more realistic. A texture can be made to resemble an object with real texture, or can be simulated. For example, if you are designing a soundsuit, you can use a variety of textures to enhance the sound.


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