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Physical safety equipment is a necessity for many types of jobs. It can protect the user from injuries that may result from impacts to the body, and it can protect the worker from sharp objects. Safety equipment must meet certain standards in order to be effective. It should also be comfortable and safe to wear. nupedia

Some sports require the use of elbow guards and knee guards to prevent cuts and scrapes. They also reduce the chances of sprains, strains, and fractures. Elbow guards are especially important for snowboarders, who frequently use their arms to break a fall and may suffer a sprained wrist or an injury to the elbow. In addition to wrist and knee guards, safety footwear is also 9xflixcom important.

Safety equipment should be tested before use. There are simulators and other ways to test safety equipment. The American National Standards Institute, for example, has a standard for athletic equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration also sets safety equipment standards. These standards are designed to protect workers from injuries. infoworld

Hard hats are also essential for certain jobs. Hard dumporhats protect the head and face from impact and compression hazards. They may be made of steel, plastic, or aluminum. Some occupations require the use of shoes with slip-resistant soles. Slip-resistant shoes should be worn when the surfaces are wet or slippery. Lastly, safety leggings can protect the lower legs from heat hazards and impact hazards. These leggings may be equipped with safety snaps for fast tinyzonetvto removal.


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