Dubai is a wonderful location to visit with family and friends. The location has a series of surprising places and a ton of activities that can be the key reason due to which the crowd is always in hurry to explore new creativities in the land of Dubai. The city has a texture of preserved traditional and cultural behaviours and the new era has printed a remarkable episode of fun that makes it a true paradise to stand out in the world. The City is a bliss with successful business, economy, art, hotels l, shopping malls and many more. The city is handsome and is elegant in a way that makes it wonderful and amazing to visit with your family and friends to spend the Holidays. The land of Dubai can be called as a perfect holiday destination.


The city is remarkable and giant which has been welcoming the tourists and has developed unique ways to get a closer view of the city of Dubai. Isn’t it fun? The fun filled journey around the city of Dubai is incomplete if you have skipped the SKY VIEW OF DUBAI. This observatory is perfect for adventure seekers. The place downtown the city of Dubai is flourished with beauty and the view is gracious but also the thrilling fun is Something that makes it more popular among the tourists. At a height of 219.5 m the Sky View of Dubai provides an ecstatic view with elegant glass slides. The elegant architecture is driven by unforgettable moments with serene and divine sight seeing. The memories inside the Sky View include the Observatory, the glass slides and the walk around the edges. This is surely an exciting adventure that has a taste of exploring admirable sky views and is one of a kind . The adventure lovers must come and visit the Sky View of Dubai. The 52nd and 53rd floors of the Observatory are surprisingly the best, to fill the fun rolling down your spine. With the edge walking and serene glass slides, the Observatory reviews the largest skyscraper called Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It’s pleasant and thrilling as it sounds.


The city of Dubai is mesmerizing and has astonished the population of the world with its gracious elegance. The Dubai fountains lake rides are flawless and the shows are significantly based on the traditional approach by “Arab” water taxis. The lights add mesmerizing and magnificent glow to the faultless beauty of the fountain. The water sparkles at a height that can be compared to a 45 storey building. The view is spectacular and the destination is so charming that you can’t stop saying wow. The words are not enough to praise this beautiful monument based in the city of Dubai. If you are in Dubai then this place is a compulsory destination to visit. The location of the fountain is besides the infamous Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. The location is best suited to define many more sights in the location, so that you can enjoy all the beauty in the same location. The boats made with traditional approach are meant to explore the fountain in the city of Dubai. Its excellent creativity has made it the largest fountain in the world.


As the name suggests, the garden is literally a miracle. The creation and creative motive behind the architecture of this place is splendid. The floral habitat is protected and respected in the garden, which provides a spectacular view which is a bliss. The garden has been home to about 50 million different species of flowers. The garden is spread over an area of 72000 sq ft and the miracle has replicas of all sorts of famous sights. The flowers are unique and are an imagination of paradise. Some interesting iconic architecture here includes the Teddy bear, the Sunflower Field, The Heart Tunnel and many more. As winters are the best season for the flowers to bloom, November to March mark the perfect timing to visit this wonderland of dreams. The place has been developed as such with shops, cafes and  restaurants. Early morning is perfect to visit the Miracle Garden as the mornings are always pleasant and can multiply the fun with the refreshing fragrance of the flowers. Nature lovers can never skip an opportunity to visit the Miracle Garden of Dubai.


Ski Dubai in the Mall of  The Emirates Is spread over an area of 4500 sq metre. The experience is splendid and is best suited for professionals as well as for beginners. The place is beautiful and has fascinated tourists from all over the world. The atmosphere is chilling. That is the reason behind the coldness in your spine and raises the ultimate fun to enjoy the moments in Ski Dubai. The place knows the after effects of activities and has a network of restaurants to fill in the empty stomachs of the tourist. The outstanding destination has stored everything that is needed Making it a perfect holiday destination.


Built in 1787 and located in the Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai is the oldest Museum existing in Dubai. It has been the centre of attraction and has drawn the attention of a massive crowd from all over the world. The place is a living explanation of the Arab culture and ancient tradition. The place has preserved many ancient monuments, art works and has a collection of diagrams and it has the essence of the ancient era.


Gold and related items are always a piece of attraction for women. It acts like a magnet that can attract their attention. The City of Dubai has developed the oldest market of Gold Souk for the world to buy gold. It has a collection of gold, diamonds, emeralds and many more luxurious items. Fine jewellery has always been a reason that attracts huge crowds. The Dubai city has ensured the real and original carats of gold that is the perfect place for marketing. The glittering sight and the tingly sounds of the ornaments is so gracious that the tourists believe The city of Dubai to be the best place to shop fine jewellery.


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