Macron Signs Deal With Crystal Palace Kit Manufacturer

Crystal Palace have a new kit manufacturer. French sportswear brand Macron has agreed a long-term deal to supply the Eagles’ playing kits. They will supply all of the club’s match day kits and training wear, as well as other apparel and accessories. This partnership will see the crest of the club incorporated into all of the company’s doithuong products.

Macron has replaced Puma as the official Crystal Palace kit manufacturer. Puma had previously partnered with the club between 2014-15 and 2017-18. The deal is worth PS20 million over five years. Macron will also supply the club’s travel and training wear, as well as the players’ accessories. The club has also announced a shirt sponsorship deal with Asian betting brand W88, which will bring in PS5 million a year.

The new Crystal Palace kit will also feature a new badge. The old one was designed by an Italian brand, while the new one will be based on an 1861 badge. The Crystal Palace kit will also feature new kits for the goalkeepers. The Crystal Palace kit is expected to be released next season urdughr.

The club’s first all-white kit was unveiled in 1964. It featured a sketch of the original Crystal Palace. It was the first time the club’s official crest appeared on the team’s kit. The following year, claret and blue were introduced. The new strip had light blue and claret candy stripes. The stripes were at an angle for the sash look.


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